Christmas is Coming!

I can officailly say that! I have finally started getting in the Christmas spirit! We have our tree half decorated and most of the stuff up in the house that will get put up this year! We are going lite on the decorations due to the construction project that is suppose to start soon.

But, I have to tell you a secret.... shhhhhhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone. Promise???? I gave in and bought a fake tree and I love it! It's beautiful!


I am tired of being so stressed the week before CHristmas because we forgot to water the tree, it dried out and I am worried about fire. Plus, they just start to look like crap. Then there's the constant vacuuming, the saving a tree issue, and the cost. This one was from Costco and cost about twice what a cut tree would cost me. I am a sucker for a 8 foot tall nobel and they don't come cheap! Oh yeah, one more bonus ----it was prelit! Usually by the time we get the lights tested and on, the kids are so restless and I am so grumpy-it isn't a very happy time! This year - presto - happy kids and happy mom! I loved it!

We will add the ornaments tomorrow when Jordan is home - we can have pizza and watch Elf - it will be perfect!

lit tree

We even got out the Santa hats!

austin santa hat 5-7

chase santa hat 5-7

Luke spent quite a bit of time on his little tree:

luke tree 5-7

Then - I found all the fun stuff I created last year when for some reason I had a lot more time than I have this year! SOme of my favorites are:

This basic BELIEVE sign - nothing fancy, just big and fun - I love it. I think the 2nd "E" is suppose to be the last one - hence the ribbons but I couldn't correct the elf that hung it for me!

This is my advent calendar - it has 24 little pockets that hold tags with fun things to do on them. I haven't updated it this year, but it's fun to look at!

advent calendar

advent calendar close up

advent close up 2


1.Cover three pieces of 12 x 10 chipboard and use your crop-a-dile to put holes in every corner.

2.Create 24 pockets by folding 6.5 x 3.25 in half and stapling closed. Cover all pockets with various patterned paper.

3. Use a circle punch - insert it into pocket top edge and punch a half circle out of each pocket.

4. Decorate each pocket with various embellishments and number 1-24. Glue to covered chipboard.

5. Attach large eyelets into each corner hole.

6. Attach boards to each other with ribbon.

7. Cut and cover large star and decorate with large number 25

8. Attach star to bottom.

9. Create tags and put in each pocket

10. Hang with ribbon.


Marci Knecht said...

I'm very proud of you for getting the fake tree...you'll be very happy with it I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how cute is your tree! We have a little fake tree here in the models apartment as well! Its fun to have the Christmas spirit! I'm sad im missing all the snow :( Hope you are all having a good time in it! I'll see you all soon!

Love you!!!

Wendy D said...

I love the tree. I'm a sucker for Nobles, too. I also love your Believe signa nd the advent calendar. So cute and so creative!

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