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I know-it's been a week since my last post. But, it's Christmas time and life is crazy. I still have presents to wrap and gifts to buy. Just a couple, but still. Life was crazy this week - more than usual. Wednesday night we attended the "Three Wise Men" concert. It was awesome as usual! If you ever get a chance to see their Christmas show, do it! We love it and it is one of our favorite traditions. Check out their wesbite and bookmark it for next year! http://www.thethreewisemen.com

Then on Thursday we took the family out to Chevy's Fresh Mex Restaurant for Jordan and Michelle's birthday's. We had a great time. I loved having most of my kids together again. Here are some pics:

girls birthday 5-7

IMG_0261 005

IMG_0259 004

IMG_0258 003

Then on Friday, David & I went to downtown Seattle to walk around a bit. Went to the huge OLD NAVY down there - 3 whole floors of specials. That was fun.

Yesterday, was baking day -& I have to say that it was a disaster! I wasn't in the mood and only the gingerbread cookies turned out like I wanted and that was because they came from a box! Anyway, life will surely be hectic for the next week too, expecially because Austin has the flu and has been sick for about 6 hours now. Poor guy.

I do have good intentions of blogging at least 3 times a week starting in the new year! Here's to resolutions!

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Marci Knecht said...

Keep an eye on Austin, this is a particularly nasty flu. My baking was disasterous too, I wonder if we used the same Gingerbread mix?!

Merry Christmas to the Holmes Family from the Knechts :)

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