Thursday already???

Time flies - when you're having fun and even when you're not! Things are still hectic at the Holmes' house. We are still trying to iron out the terms of the construction project with the contractor. He is very good, but man is this whole process stressful. We went to Home Depot yesterday and picked out doors, windows and carpet. I used to love that - shopping for my house. Not so much right now!

Along with the stress, I have developed heartburn. Yuck! I now feel bad for all the times I gave David a hard time and just told him to eat better! I have a doctor appt. on Monday to make sure it's just stress induced heartburn and not an ulcer. Wouldn't that be fun?

Not much else interesting happening around here - just the contractor stuff and trying to de-stress our life. I let you know if I have any luck with either of those - but for now - Have a great Thursday.

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