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Wow-there has been so much going on, that I keep remembering more things that I wanted to get in here! That's what I get for waiting 6 days between posts!

So don't forget to keep reading at the end of this post, there are two more new ones!

Jordan's High School Soccer banquet was last week and it was a very nice event. Since this is her senior year and last year on the soccer squad, it was even more special than normal. SHe was awarded MVP which is voted on by her team. They said, as a goalie, she saved their a** too many times to count! In addition, she made the first team in the Wesco Conference. This is like an honorary All-Star team for all the local high schools. This was the first time she has rec'd that honor and it was certainly earned this year. As a parent, I was so proud of her. Of course, we know she is an awesome soccer player, but to see the respect she has earned from her teammates and coach was very special. She was an awesome team captain and leader this year and it was easy to see the adult she is becoming.

This is a picture of her and her coach, Bill. Great guy!
bill jordan

This is her receiving her MVP award
jordan mvp 4-6

In addition, she signed on the dotted line this week - she received and signed her Letter of Intent to play soccer for Northwest University. It was so fulfilling as a parent to see all her hard work rewarded in the form of a soccer and a academic scholarship. She has earned them both. She is excited to play for them, but even more excited to go to school there. She had her choice of some great schools with strong soccer programs. But once NWU started talking to her, she knew this was where her heart was. They are a very small Christian school with an awesome teaching program. She is so thrilled to be attending a school that will foster her love of the Lord. Life is sweet.

intent 5-7

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