Taking a breather!

I'm finally taking a breather! It has been non-stop around here since last Monday! We spent the first part of the week cleaning our house and yard to make it presentable for the Thanksgiving Party. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, cold but sunny, and that made the cleanup much easier.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving - we had over 30 people here! It was such a blessing that all the fishermen were home this year and with the exception of Emily, Sarah & Mike, Michelle and Tom & Angie, the family was all together. Thank you, Lord! We were truly blessed.

luke tyler
This is Tyler, Makena, Lily & Luke at the little table!

aunties 5-7
This is me & my aunties - without them, I could have never pulled it off!

Here are a few of the men - telling fish stories!

mom & david
Mom & David

me & travis
Me & Travis - so nice to be able to relax and catch up with my boy

jim & Makena
This is my favorite picture of the day - Grandpa Jim with Makena- so cute!

It was a great day! Everyone was happy & healthy and having a great time. My thanks to everyone for a team effort on the dinner - it was fabulous! Another thanks to Jordan for taking pictures - without her, I wouldn't have any!

It was a great day - I was able to relax and visit and to soak up everything and everyone that I love and I am thankful for. A perfect day.

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