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Yesterday was Chase's birthday! Happy birthday Chase! He's 11 now! So cool.

chase @11

We only had 1 1/2 hours last night to celebrate as a family, but we made the most of it! Everyone was together, it was so great. Travis & Michelle, Mike & Sarah, Grandma and all the rest of us together in one place at the same time! It was loud but such a great time. Chase was thrilled that we were all gathered to celebrate with him. He never stopped smiling! We had pizza and root beer floats and even played a family game of spoons!

I was so thankful to have most of my babies in the same place (missed you Tom & Angie!) - it was quite a treat. Everyone was happy and having fun and basically just thankful to be together. Man, was that good. We caught up on some news:

Travis is doing great at his roofing job and is currently car shopping. The weather is holding and they have jobs lined up into next year. I'm proud of him - he's working hard. Michelle is heading to Miami for a month of modeling soon, but she'll be back for Christmas. We are thankful for that. Mike just got hired on at Boeing so that is exciting news too! Sarah brought us pictures of her wedding dress that she picked out and it is gorgeous. She will be a beautiful bride. We are holding off major wedding plans until after the first of the year, but we still chat about it occasionally. Austin headed off to LaConner for the weekend with friends and the small boys and Jordan went up to church for the evening.

So, what could have been better than dinner and laughs with all my kids and then a quiet evening at home with just David. I have to say that it was the perfect night. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks, Lord. I needed that.

Here is a pic that I took before everyone headed out. It's always an ordeal to get a family picture. I have excepted that and I figure it will always be like that especially as our family grows! Thanks to Mike & Michelle who were great and had a smile in every shot!

Slept in a little today---then shopped for Chase's birthday party. He had 7 boys over, the perfect number. They played at the park, had ice cream pie, opened presents and watched Ratatouille. What a great show. He scored tons of gift cards:

chase pie

Looking forward to a relaxing evening - David & Jordan are at the high school football game. EDWY is in the semi finals of the state playoffs. I just heard from them and Edmonds Woodway is killing Snohomish like 30-0. That means they are heading to the final game. So cool.

I am going to watch the movie again with the boys and then get a few pages done. Here are two I did yesterday. They are for the Scrap-Diner Design Team. It was awesome line of product by K & Co. Check it out at their store: http://store.scrap-diner.com/index.asp?PageAction=MFGSEARCH&ManfID=26&Page=23

my girls

our story

Just a reminder that the Scrap-Diner is having an awesome crop weekend next weekend with lots of fun and prizes! Join us - I'll be there playing.

7 Course Crop

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