Oops - I almost forgot---Black Friday!

David & I braved the Black Friday shopping crowd and were at the stores by 5am! I know, we are crazy- but it is such a fun tradition. We didn't even have anything specific that we were going after, just wanted to spend the time together and say we were there! The kids are getting harder to buy for and their lists are pretty specific this year. So we ended up at Fred Meyer's and bought towels & socks!

Here we are at 4:30am, in the car on the way to the mall!
black friday shopping 5-7

Had breakfast together and then home by 10:00am for a nap!

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Anonymous said...

You brave souls! 4:30am...that's going to bed time for me :)

I love your blog. It makes me long for a big family!

Congrats to your DD...what a great blessing!


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