Great Weekend!

I sure had a great weekend! It started early for me when I went to the CK Convention in Bellevue with Brooke on Friday. After an hour (ok, not really an hour, but it felt like it!) looking for parking, we hit the vendor faire. I can't say that I saw anything new and exciting, but we did have a fun time looking for bargains! It is always fun to be surrounded by scrapbookers and bargains! Two of my favorite things!

I ran into some friends that I hadn't seen in a while - Julie, Ann, Annette, Pam, Joy, Chris, Kim, Cassie, and Michelle - it was great to see you! I also got to meet Sherry and Brenna from Dixie Pieces Kit Club! We got to spend lunch break together chatting. I am so excited to hear that the first month of the kit club is going well. If you get a chance, go check out the first month's kit http://dixiepieces.com/index.html

In addition, I really enjoyed spending the day with Brooke, the owner of the Urban Scrapbooker. We shared some hilarious moments and had fun getting to know each other better! All in all, the convention was a lot of fun. http://www.urbanscrapbooker.com/

Came home on Friday night just in time for date night with David! We watched, Bull Durham, one of our all time favorite movies.

Man, I love the scene where Kevin Costner gives his, "I believe...." speech. My all time favorite movie quote.

With nothing set on the schedule for Saturday, we were able to get quite a bit accomplished! I finished a layout for the ongoing "Scrap that Tune" contest at www.scrappygiraffekits.com . It was a tough week for me-the songs were great but hard to scrap. But I made it!

David & the boys got the yard cleaned up, the wood chopped and stacked and the couch delivered to Travis.

luke rake 5-7

blower 5-7

david 5-7

diving in 4-6

luke leaves 5-7

It was a very productive day.

Oh Yeah, our new furniture was delivered! The all time favorite piece is the oversized chair with the attached ottoman. We purchased it at Costco Furniture Center in Kirkland. Man, what a great place!! They were even on time with delivery from California, amazing!

Here are some pics:

couch 5-7

couch 4-6

Then, I snuck away for a few hours (thanks, hon!) to the crop at the Urban Scrapbooker. I had a great time chatting with friends (love ya, Andrea!) and working on projects. I actually spent like 5 hours on one layout (I know, crazy) but I love the photo so much, I wanted it to be just right. I can share it with you in a few days. When, I got home, the house was quiet and hot! The fireplace was rolling and the temperature must have been 90 degrees in the living room. Both Ethel and Luke were knocked out in the living room, spread out so that they weren't touching any other part of their body. It was quite a scene! Here is Luke, in what was left of his fort:

luke out 5-7

The heat had him in such a deep sleep that I basically had to drag him to the other side of the living room where it wasn't so hot. There was no way I was going to be able to pick him up or wake him up to get him to his room!

Ethel was in heaven with the heat. Here she is sprawled out about 2 feet from the fire:

ethel 5-7

Today, I was feeling a little under the weather, I think it was the pizza I ate last night. But, it was the perfect opportunity to lay low and get caught up on all my organizational tasks like paying the bills and balancing the checkbook! The Seahawks were disappointing today with a overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns. Man, did they blow that game. No defense showed up to play! Oh well, it's just football!

I am about to go watch my shows and plan school for the week! I hope everyone has a great week! Spend some time enjoying your many blessings!

Here are a few layouts I completed for the Scrap-Diner DT last week - enjoy!

fall fun!




Joy Madison said...

did you see the new Scenic Route? That was new and exciting:)

That crop sounds fun:) Love your new layouts.

Brenna said...

Great layouts Kim! It was great meeting you too.

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