Fun Times!

Yesterday was a crazy day! School in the morning, job interview in the afternoon, meeting with the construction contractors after that, and then costumes!

Here are some pics of the boys this year:

boys pumpkin flickr 5-7

austin 5-7 costume flick

chase 5-7 costumeflickr

luke costume 5-7 flkr

Jordan was a red-hat lady but I haven't seen the pictures yet. It was so great-they all put their costumes together on their own this year with the exception of a few things they gave me to pick up for them. It was great not having to worry about it and then seeing their finished product! Good job guys!

On a different note - (if you don't like soapbox lectures you should stop reading now!)

Jordan was in a fender bender on Monday, and really not even a fender bender. There was absolutely no damage to the truck and 3 scratches to the car in front. No dents. It was from a stopped position and basically she rolled into him at 2 mph. Anyway, since it was a sportscar she hit, we called the police and had them write a report and everything. There were no injuries. It was a 22 year old guy and he was very nice at the scene. Then out of the blue yesterday I get a call from my insurance agent. He says he's hurt! OMGosh, I can't tell you how mad I am! We teach our kids honesty and would never think of fabricating an injury to get insurance money. This is why our insurance rates are sky high!

Ok, I feel slightly better.

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