Fun Friday!

I am so excited! The online crop starts in just a few hours! Check it out here:

7 Course Crop

It is a fabulous site & I would love to see some of my friends come over and play with us tonight! Please join me!

On a different note: the papers are signed and construction will be starting the week after Thanksgiving! You can't even imagine how happy I am that that part is done. Too much back & forth converstaions for me. Too MUCH!

I finally got another camera. I love my Canon Rebel but I needed something to throw in my purse so that it was always accessible. I stuck with Canon and bought the A650(Thanks, Greta for the great recommendation!). So far I love it! I will play with it more this weekend. ANd thanks mom for buying it for me! I love it - and we will learn how to use them together!

Still suffering from heartburn or what I hope is heartburn. I have an appointment on Monday to make sure. Say a prayer that I don't have an ulcer - that's all I need.

But guess what??????????
IT'S FRIDAY-----------IT'S FRIDAY------------------IT'S FRIDAY----------IT'S FRIDAY

So happy for that. Everyone enjoy your weekend and I will be back on Sunday night with pics of my layouts from the weekend crop and some fun pictures.

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