Construction Update!

We are getting closer and closer to breaking ground on the construction front. However, we are still about 5k away from a contract with our contractor. Boy, is this tough! I love him to death but man is negotiating a touchy business. Permits are close to being finished - they are just making slight changes to the truss plans and the loft ceiling height. I am learning so much through all this, I think I will be prepared to start a new company as a project manager! Speaking of working, I am starting a part-time job tomorrow with Heartland Home Health Care. Wish me luck! It is just a few hours a week and I hope to use the extra cash for Christmas and construction and scrapbooking!!! I will be working with my buddy Amy and I am so looking forward to that.

Starting to get ready for Chase's 11th birthday on Friday. Planning a family pizza dinner and then a friend party on Saturday. His main request is an ice cream cake, so if anyone has a great recipe, please share it with me!

Goodnight all!

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Joy Madison said...

oooh, that's super exciting!

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