Las Vegas Day One!

Wow - this place is crazy!

First off, we are staying at the Venetian, which is an awesome place. I think someone told us it has over 6 million square feet! Amazing! We are finally starting to get ourselves acclimated to where we are and how we get to our room! The room is 650 square feet, has 3 flat screen tv's (one in the bathroom) and has a sunken living room. It is the nicest hotel room I have ever been in and it is one of their "BASIC" suites. I feel like someone special! Love it.

The Casino is like all the others, but I did win $220 last night on a nickel machine! That was fun - and being the conservative person that I am, I took $200 back to my room and will play tonight with the $20. We'll see!

We also walked up the strip last night about 3 miles! It was beautiful and the hotels are breathtaking. You just have to be able to ignore all the people on the streets who are trying to give you naked lady cards! I just kept looking at them and wondering "WHY?????"

David was in classes all day today - I was able to catch up on my message boards and do a little scrapping. I actually only got one page done, but I like it. I will download it when I get home. I also took a walk around the hotel mall today. They have a gondola ride and the ceiling is painted like the sky so you feel like you are walking through Italy. Pretty cool. The funnest thing I found was this t-shirt at David & Goliath's. It wasn't meant for scrappers but I think it is perfect.

rock is dead

Everything here is top notch - immaculate and inviting. They really do know how to treat people in these 5 star hotels. Even the ice cream and the carmel apples are over the top:



I'll check in tomorrow!


Marci Knecht said...

Glad you arrived safely and are enjoying yourself. That Ice Cream looks heavenly.

Sherry said...

OH,wow! More, please. More pictures, more impressions. Love the t-shirt. and I do live vicariously through others! Have a great time.

Michelle said...

Yay! It looks like so much fun! Can you watch TV while your in the bath? hehe...thats what i would be doing to relax. :D

Joy Madison said...

mmmmmm, yummy!!! that shirt is hilarious!!! perfect!!!

Brenna said...

Looks like someone's having fun. I love Vegas, and yes you have to ignore the naked lady hadouts....they just make the streets dirty. Oh and then the idea to place them around the rim of each trashcan, how wierd.

Good job on saving your $200! Working in a casino, it's the best advice I can give.....if you win: take it home, don't spend it thinking you'll win more, because you'll just lose it.

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