Totally Slackin'

I know, I've been slackin'. I was so determined to blog every day, but life has gotten in the way!

Monday: School, the dentist, a baseball game and Jordan's HS soccer game. Chase was the starting pitcher and did great, only giving up one run. He also had an amazing catch in the outfield. So cool! Jordan's game was awesome too, they won and Jordan even got a goal assist. Seeing as how she is the goalie, that is a pretty amazing thing! She took a deadball kick from the 50 yard line and put it in the box perfectly placed for her teammate to push it in. It a was a beautiful thing.

Tuesday: Orthodontist appointment, school, yard work and dinner with the Williams. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees here! Can you believe that? Very unusual for the PNW in late October. We took advantage of it and did some clean up in the front yard. Looks great. In addition, we went out to Thai Food with some friend's. I've never had Thai before, I think I'm hooked. It was tasty! It was fun to fellowship and compare stories about Jordan & Jesse. I know she's going to kill me for that, but when you are having dinner with your possible future inlaws, well, the topic of their relationship just keeps coming up!!!

Today: School and more school today! Weather is back to normal, rainy and 58 degrees. How does that work???? Sunny and 75 one day and rainy and 58 the next. Crazy. I am thankful for normal rainy weather - especially with what is happening in CA right now. Keep them in your prayers and be expecially grateful for all your blessings today!

A couple of fun pics for you today:

This is Austin after he passed his test in Martial Arts - he advances to his yellow belt and is on his way! The boys seem so grown up in their Martial Arts classes. I love to watch, but I think I am a distraction most of the time!


This is me and Brooke (the owner of the Urban Scrapbooker) during the Grand Opening of her store. She is so awesome and I love her, her dad and that store! She gets new product every day and with the boys school right around the corner, I know I'm in trouble!!! I definately need a part-time job!


Have a great night!


Joy Madison said...

you slacker you:)

I'm glad you found a new store:) Hopefully you can find a job to support your habit:)

NancyJones said...

I WOULD BE IN MASSIVE TROUBLE that close to a sb store girl. I GET IN ENOUGH at DINER!!!!

WHY YOU SLACKIN ON YA BLOG GIRLY actin like you busy or somethin rofl hehe just messin' with ya.

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