Was feeling the stress last night - so we decided that we needed a lite day of school today for everyone's sanity! It's lunchtime and we are off to Costco for lunch and to buy the movie, "Transformer's". The boys tell me I am going to love it-I'm a little skeptical, but I can totally get into laying on the couch in front of a blazing fire and watching it. Doesn't even matter what the movie is, the fire and the couch are calling me.

Tomorrow is the Lakeside School Rummage Sale - my favorite of the year. I am so excited to find some treasure. I'll let you know what I find - but for now, TGIF!


Greta said...

I actually liked the transoformers movie...lol
did you like it

Joy Madison said...

have a slacker evening!

Jessica said...

I love a fire and the couch too!! and a move to boot is great! you'll have to let me know how it is, i've been wanting to see it!

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