Sleepy Sunday!

Man, I love Sundays! Dozed on and off with the newspaper till 10:00! Seahawks are winning 33-6! Travis & Michelle came over for lunch! All around great day.

Confession time.......so we borrowed the neighbor's elliptical trainer last night. Brought it over to the house to try it out for a few days. We can't decide what to buy, a treadmill, a recumbant bike or a trainer of some kind. I am so embarrased to say that I couldn't even ride it for 5 minutes! My heart started racing and i thought I was dying! I am so out of shape! Just more proof that I need to do something! I'm just not sure that I want it to be an elliptical trainer! Man, is that tough. Definately a goal to work towards though--15 minutes on the trainer. I know that walking is probably the place to start - but am I the only one who doesn't like to walk??? It is so boring and feels like such a waste of time. I think I have to get over that. Any suggestions???


Elisa K said...

Hiya Kim,

Just stopping by and playing catch up on your blog... I love reading your blog by the way. You are a great inspiration to all mom's out there. Congrats on the DT gig at the new store. I am so gonna have to check it out some time this week. You know how I love to shop and promote. hehe
Hugs to you

Joy Madison said...

hope you figure out which thing works out for you guys!

Sherry said...

Hey, yes, Sista! There are few things I hate, but the eliptical is one of them. And don't feel bad. I could do 15 minutes on the treadmill without a problem, but I could only do about 90 seconds on the E. Still, the idea is that you start where you are and increase your time. It does get easier very quickly.

Of the two, I personally prefer the treadmill. You can make it challenging by changing the incline AND you can entertain yourself by reading, listening to music, or watching a movie or show on TV. We placed a TV/DVD player right in front of the treadmill. Like you, I think walking is boring. But if you do it with a friend, you get to gab during the walk, and that makes it better. I've also seen this woman walking in my neighborhood, and she makes her phone calls during her walk. Smart woman. That's my two cents.

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