School Check-in Day!

We spent the morning at EHRC. This is run by the Edmonds School District and provides services and curriculum to the local homeschoolers. The only catch is that they monitor what you teach. They don't tell you what you can't teach, they just make sure you are on track and cover the important bases. We have been a member for 10+ years since the program started. It really is beneficial. But, it is timeconsuming to update paperwork and education plans every 30 days.

Tonight we have a soccer game and a baseball game all at the same park-so thankful for that. I will be able to see part of both and not run around like a mad woman! Then, home to watch Dancing with the Stars, the Unit and Boston Legal. One on my favorite tv nights all week! My prediction for DWTS is that Floyd is leaving tonight.

Yesterday, we went to the funeral of a great lady. My sister-in-law's mom. SHe was 84 and has been sick with heart problems for quite awhile. I hadn't seen her for over a year, but as we remininsced I realized that I have known her since I was 7 and had many fun memories of her. WHen my brother started dating her daughter, they would drag me over to her house (when my brother was babysitting) and she was always so nice to me. I remember her taking time to play dominoes with us, or even just to make us feel welcome in her home. Later, she moved north to a house on a lake, and everyone was always welcome there. She opened her home countless times for celebrations or parties even if she wasn't directly involved. Just a great lady all around. Her family will miss her.

Here is a pick of Luke-Vicious Luke-as he called himself in his blog entry (see below). Don't you think he looks vicious?
luke kitten 5-7

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