I'm a Rummager~

I love rummage sales----there is just something about the promise of treasure. I never have a problem waking up on a day where I have bargain hunting planned. It is just one of those things for me - a total adrenaline rush! I don't even care about the long line to get in, the pushy people inside, or the horrendous line to check out. It is just too much fun. I love to grab and go. That's what we call it, Jordan & I. Grab & Go. You have to, just grab what you think you might want because if you stop to think about it, even for a moment, it's gone. Snatched up by someone who didn't think about it! So, we grab & go. Then when we can't carry any more or push anymore, we stop and look. Go through our stuff and really look. Usually we are able to weed through enough to make room in our bags again and then off we go. Grab & go. Over and over again, until we can't carry any more! We love it!

The day stsarted off with a trip to Starbucks (another tradition). Extra hot mocha's and latte's for standing in line. Then we picked up Travis & Michelle and headed to the school. Grandma and Auntie Bonnie met us in line. It was fun chatting, telling stories, and drinking our coffee. Everyone is so excited for what they might find. Lot's of happy & excited people. Lakeside school really knows how to do a rummage sale. It is the biggest one in the area and it is held twice a year. They even pass out IKEA size shopping bags while you are in line.

Once inside, we all split up but kept our cell phones handy. It is so fun to watch where everyone goes first. THis one gentleman headed straight for the tennis shoes. He just kept throwing them in his bag, pair after pair. When I asked what he was going to do with them, he told me he donates them to a women's shelter. So cool.

I went in search of halloween costume supplies. Found Chase a straw hat, pair of overalls and a flannel shirt for his hillbilly outfit. Found Austin black pants, a frilly white blouse, a ugly but perfect vest and a studded belt for his Jack Sparrow Pirate suit.

I also found abunch of brand new socks for the boys, extra gloves and hats for the snow (we always seem to lose these), a couple of tennis rackets, and some scrapbooking supplies. I bought a dymo plastic tape gun with 9 rolls of great colored tape for 50 cents! Love that. I also found a bunch of lace binding tape, ribbon, buttons, colored rope and staples. All in a ziplock bag for $1.

Travis, Michelle and Jordan all found tons of great clothes. Most of it like new. This is one way I always get my older kids to hang out with me! I never ask, "Do you need that?" when we are at the rummage sale. I just buy them whatever they find. Tradition for us.

Then we went out to lunch at Kidd Valley. It was an awesome morning and I am so thankful for the opportunity to hang out with them. It was really nice.

What else???

Then I went to Chase's baseball game. He pitched two awesome innings and didn't give up any runs. Way to end the season, Chase. I am so proud of you for finishing strong! Austin played today too, but he was in Arlington and we didn't get to watch. We heard he pitched two innings and only threw 21 pitches. 5 strikeouts! Man my boys were on fire today!

After that, we went to a potluck dinner for the kids choir. They are singing Wednesday night at the church harvest festival. I love it when they all get together and hang out. THe singing is really secondary, because it is just so cool to see this group of kids worship together. They are young and bold and wonderful servents of the Lord. They are a blessing.

So, here I am. Happily exhausted after a wonderful day. I'm not even bothered by the pile of stuff on the kitchen table or the dishes in the sink. Just happy for a good day. To top it off, I got a box in the mail today! My November Scrap-Diner www.scrap-Diner.com design team box arrived! I am thrilled! So much fun stuff. Can't wait to play with it tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday.


Marci Knecht said...

That sounds really fun - I've never been to a "rummage" sale before but I think I'd like it!

Joy Madison said...

I'm glad you found some col stuff!

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