A couple wins tonight!

Jordan's HS soccer team came away with a win tonight, 5-0. It broke a 5 game losing streak-hopefully they are on the right track again! Chase's baseball team was victorious tonight also. All is happy on the home front tonight!

Never really got a chance to tell everyone how excited I am to start my design team work! I really believe I am working with two great up and coming sites, one is a store, http://www.scrap-diner.com/ and one is a kit club, http://www.dixiepieces.com/ . Stop by and check them out. The message boards are busy and fun!

Scrap-Diner has an awesome store and great prices. There is lots of talent in the gallery and on the boards.

Dixie Pieces is a kit club and the first kit will be released November 1st. I have inside knowledge that this is one kit that you won't want to miss!

Here are a couple pics from last weekend's Fall Fisherman's Festival in Ballard, WA. It supports the Fisherman's Memorial for those lost at sea. It is a great event, with lots of fun activities for kids.

kids 5-7

jordan dad 5-7

meaustin 5-7

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