Checking out for the Weekend!

This will be the last post until I get back from my weekend crop! I am so looking forward to this! After resigning at the LSS, I really miss being surrounded by my fellow scrapbook fanatics and I can't wait to be totally absorbed in the scrabooking world for 2 whole days! Doesn't that sound great?

I have tons to work on including my very first kit from http://store.scrap-diner.com/ . It is full of my favorite product line, Scenic Route! The store is full of all the great new lines and she has great prices and speedy delivery - go there and check it out!

When I get home, I am going to figure out how to link my gallery to my blog (hopefully). That is my next goal in this blogging adventure. Wish me luck!

David & the kids have a big weekend planned - church on Friday night and poker on saturday night. (hmmm-not sure those belong in the same sentence!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here is another pic from the fair!

chase jelly

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