Blustery Day in the Pacific Northwest!

Hey everyone!

Well, our lights are still on! That's more than I can say for the rest of the area. Jordan's game in Shoreline was cancelled because power is out at the field. Grandma Audrey called and her power is out on the other side of town. SO, I think we are the lucky ones! I guess it helps that we live within a mile of the power station! So, no worries here about missing Grey's Anatomy and ER. Had to promise Grandma that she would be able to watch them online tomorrow! Praise the Lord for technology!

Even with the power outage danger, I still love a good storm. Especially one that happens during the daytime so you can watch it better! This is the first big windstorm of the season. Lots of leaves swirling around and since the trees are still covered in foliage, they are swaying even more! I'm kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures during the storm. But, I will definately take one tomorrow of the aftermath!

Hope everyone is cozy and warm tonight! Talk to you tomorrow!

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Joy Madison said...

we only lost power once for like 5 seconds.....so I hardly realized what was happening!

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