end of the weekend blues....

I have the end of the weekend blues.....happens every Sunday night. Weekends are so relaxing even if we are busy. The difference for me is that David is home with me. Having him here just makes everything 100% better. Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself!

Oh Yeah-I loved the Transformer movie! I've seen it 3 times now, though, and it's novelty is wearing off!

I added a link to my scrapbook gallery on the right side of the blog. This is most of my layouts from the last 6 months or so. It took me quite a while to figure out how to link it here!!!

Funny story for you---Chase wanted to make some kind of dessert tonight, so I told him to make brownies. He was doing great and following the instructions --or so we thought. Turns out he put 1 cup of water and one cup of oil in instead of 1/4 cup water and 1/2 cup oil. In an effort to save them, we added another packet of mix, some extra flour, cocoa and eggs. In addition, he put in mini marshmellows and chocolate chips. Needless to say, we ended up with a mega batch of very fluffly and moist brownies.


Don't they look yummy? But, it was touch & go for a moment. Chase was devastated when he thought he had ruined them. He is so hard on himself. We are always working on this and tonight we had another talk about turning mistakes into learning opportunities. As we were talking I was reminded what a good lesson this is for all of us every day.

So as you start out your week, remember to watch for those mistakes and to turn them into learning opportunities. After all there is no such thing as failure. There is always a plan, we might not know what it is, But the Lord does.


I'm a Rummager~

I love rummage sales----there is just something about the promise of treasure. I never have a problem waking up on a day where I have bargain hunting planned. It is just one of those things for me - a total adrenaline rush! I don't even care about the long line to get in, the pushy people inside, or the horrendous line to check out. It is just too much fun. I love to grab and go. That's what we call it, Jordan & I. Grab & Go. You have to, just grab what you think you might want because if you stop to think about it, even for a moment, it's gone. Snatched up by someone who didn't think about it! So, we grab & go. Then when we can't carry any more or push anymore, we stop and look. Go through our stuff and really look. Usually we are able to weed through enough to make room in our bags again and then off we go. Grab & go. Over and over again, until we can't carry any more! We love it!

The day stsarted off with a trip to Starbucks (another tradition). Extra hot mocha's and latte's for standing in line. Then we picked up Travis & Michelle and headed to the school. Grandma and Auntie Bonnie met us in line. It was fun chatting, telling stories, and drinking our coffee. Everyone is so excited for what they might find. Lot's of happy & excited people. Lakeside school really knows how to do a rummage sale. It is the biggest one in the area and it is held twice a year. They even pass out IKEA size shopping bags while you are in line.

Once inside, we all split up but kept our cell phones handy. It is so fun to watch where everyone goes first. THis one gentleman headed straight for the tennis shoes. He just kept throwing them in his bag, pair after pair. When I asked what he was going to do with them, he told me he donates them to a women's shelter. So cool.

I went in search of halloween costume supplies. Found Chase a straw hat, pair of overalls and a flannel shirt for his hillbilly outfit. Found Austin black pants, a frilly white blouse, a ugly but perfect vest and a studded belt for his Jack Sparrow Pirate suit.

I also found abunch of brand new socks for the boys, extra gloves and hats for the snow (we always seem to lose these), a couple of tennis rackets, and some scrapbooking supplies. I bought a dymo plastic tape gun with 9 rolls of great colored tape for 50 cents! Love that. I also found a bunch of lace binding tape, ribbon, buttons, colored rope and staples. All in a ziplock bag for $1.

Travis, Michelle and Jordan all found tons of great clothes. Most of it like new. This is one way I always get my older kids to hang out with me! I never ask, "Do you need that?" when we are at the rummage sale. I just buy them whatever they find. Tradition for us.

Then we went out to lunch at Kidd Valley. It was an awesome morning and I am so thankful for the opportunity to hang out with them. It was really nice.

What else???

Then I went to Chase's baseball game. He pitched two awesome innings and didn't give up any runs. Way to end the season, Chase. I am so proud of you for finishing strong! Austin played today too, but he was in Arlington and we didn't get to watch. We heard he pitched two innings and only threw 21 pitches. 5 strikeouts! Man my boys were on fire today!

After that, we went to a potluck dinner for the kids choir. They are singing Wednesday night at the church harvest festival. I love it when they all get together and hang out. THe singing is really secondary, because it is just so cool to see this group of kids worship together. They are young and bold and wonderful servents of the Lord. They are a blessing.

So, here I am. Happily exhausted after a wonderful day. I'm not even bothered by the pile of stuff on the kitchen table or the dishes in the sink. Just happy for a good day. To top it off, I got a box in the mail today! My November Scrap-Diner www.scrap-Diner.com design team box arrived! I am thrilled! So much fun stuff. Can't wait to play with it tomorrow!

Have a great Sunday.



Was feeling the stress last night - so we decided that we needed a lite day of school today for everyone's sanity! It's lunchtime and we are off to Costco for lunch and to buy the movie, "Transformer's". The boys tell me I am going to love it-I'm a little skeptical, but I can totally get into laying on the couch in front of a blazing fire and watching it. Doesn't even matter what the movie is, the fire and the couch are calling me.

Tomorrow is the Lakeside School Rummage Sale - my favorite of the year. I am so excited to find some treasure. I'll let you know what I find - but for now, TGIF!


Totally Slackin'

I know, I've been slackin'. I was so determined to blog every day, but life has gotten in the way!

Monday: School, the dentist, a baseball game and Jordan's HS soccer game. Chase was the starting pitcher and did great, only giving up one run. He also had an amazing catch in the outfield. So cool! Jordan's game was awesome too, they won and Jordan even got a goal assist. Seeing as how she is the goalie, that is a pretty amazing thing! She took a deadball kick from the 50 yard line and put it in the box perfectly placed for her teammate to push it in. It a was a beautiful thing.

Tuesday: Orthodontist appointment, school, yard work and dinner with the Williams. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees here! Can you believe that? Very unusual for the PNW in late October. We took advantage of it and did some clean up in the front yard. Looks great. In addition, we went out to Thai Food with some friend's. I've never had Thai before, I think I'm hooked. It was tasty! It was fun to fellowship and compare stories about Jordan & Jesse. I know she's going to kill me for that, but when you are having dinner with your possible future inlaws, well, the topic of their relationship just keeps coming up!!!

Today: School and more school today! Weather is back to normal, rainy and 58 degrees. How does that work???? Sunny and 75 one day and rainy and 58 the next. Crazy. I am thankful for normal rainy weather - especially with what is happening in CA right now. Keep them in your prayers and be expecially grateful for all your blessings today!

A couple of fun pics for you today:

This is Austin after he passed his test in Martial Arts - he advances to his yellow belt and is on his way! The boys seem so grown up in their Martial Arts classes. I love to watch, but I think I am a distraction most of the time!


This is me and Brooke (the owner of the Urban Scrapbooker) during the Grand Opening of her store. She is so awesome and I love her, her dad and that store! She gets new product every day and with the boys school right around the corner, I know I'm in trouble!!! I definately need a part-time job!


Have a great night!


Sleepy Sunday!

Man, I love Sundays! Dozed on and off with the newspaper till 10:00! Seahawks are winning 33-6! Travis & Michelle came over for lunch! All around great day.

Confession time.......so we borrowed the neighbor's elliptical trainer last night. Brought it over to the house to try it out for a few days. We can't decide what to buy, a treadmill, a recumbant bike or a trainer of some kind. I am so embarrased to say that I couldn't even ride it for 5 minutes! My heart started racing and i thought I was dying! I am so out of shape! Just more proof that I need to do something! I'm just not sure that I want it to be an elliptical trainer! Man, is that tough. Definately a goal to work towards though--15 minutes on the trainer. I know that walking is probably the place to start - but am I the only one who doesn't like to walk??? It is so boring and feels like such a waste of time. I think I have to get over that. Any suggestions???


Blustery Day in the Pacific Northwest!

Hey everyone!

Well, our lights are still on! That's more than I can say for the rest of the area. Jordan's game in Shoreline was cancelled because power is out at the field. Grandma Audrey called and her power is out on the other side of town. SO, I think we are the lucky ones! I guess it helps that we live within a mile of the power station! So, no worries here about missing Grey's Anatomy and ER. Had to promise Grandma that she would be able to watch them online tomorrow! Praise the Lord for technology!

Even with the power outage danger, I still love a good storm. Especially one that happens during the daytime so you can watch it better! This is the first big windstorm of the season. Lots of leaves swirling around and since the trees are still covered in foliage, they are swaying even more! I'm kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures during the storm. But, I will definately take one tomorrow of the aftermath!

Hope everyone is cozy and warm tonight! Talk to you tomorrow!

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Under the weather today!

ugg......not feeling so good today. But, it's a perfect excuse not to get out of my pajamas. No where to go, nothing on my schedule. Funny how the Lord does that. Made sure that I would be able to take it easy today. I love that.

I did manage to get some laundry done, teach a full day of school (in my pajamas), read my new CK magazine and even scrap a layout. All in all it's been a good day regardless of feeling pretty blah. I'll take it.

Luke borrowed my camera today and took some pics of his legos. He asked me to put a few online for him, so here you go:



He does pretty good with the camera. This is a good Christmas idea for him. Speaking of which, I think I need to start my list this weekend. I used to be so good about shopping early. Now, I do it all the day after Thanksgiving. Crazy, I know, but effective.

Here are some layouts from last summer:

icecream small



thank you lord copy

sweet 16


School Check-in Day!

We spent the morning at EHRC. This is run by the Edmonds School District and provides services and curriculum to the local homeschoolers. The only catch is that they monitor what you teach. They don't tell you what you can't teach, they just make sure you are on track and cover the important bases. We have been a member for 10+ years since the program started. It really is beneficial. But, it is timeconsuming to update paperwork and education plans every 30 days.

Tonight we have a soccer game and a baseball game all at the same park-so thankful for that. I will be able to see part of both and not run around like a mad woman! Then, home to watch Dancing with the Stars, the Unit and Boston Legal. One on my favorite tv nights all week! My prediction for DWTS is that Floyd is leaving tonight.

Yesterday, we went to the funeral of a great lady. My sister-in-law's mom. SHe was 84 and has been sick with heart problems for quite awhile. I hadn't seen her for over a year, but as we remininsced I realized that I have known her since I was 7 and had many fun memories of her. WHen my brother started dating her daughter, they would drag me over to her house (when my brother was babysitting) and she was always so nice to me. I remember her taking time to play dominoes with us, or even just to make us feel welcome in her home. Later, she moved north to a house on a lake, and everyone was always welcome there. She opened her home countless times for celebrations or parties even if she wasn't directly involved. Just a great lady all around. Her family will miss her.

Here is a pick of Luke-Vicious Luke-as he called himself in his blog entry (see below). Don't you think he looks vicious?
luke kitten 5-7

Vicious Luke

Hi, I am vicious Luke, son number 5. I like to play with Chase and Austin. I like to wrestle with them too. I help mom make scrapbook pages. Bye-


Chase info

I am Chase Holmes. I am the second to last son. I enjoy reading , video games and playing with my friends. Have a good week.

Gotta love Sundays!

We have been so productive around the Holmes house today~!

I have done 5 loads of laundry and 9 layouts for the LSS,
the Urban Scrapbooker.

Here are a few:

my cku family



my crew

David split and stacked 2 loads of firewood and mowed and cleaned up the yard for the winter.

wood pile

The boys were busy too! Chase went to tryouts for the Church Christmas Play at Calvary Fellowship. Austin is still at church hanging out with Ben & Luke enjoyed the sunshine and played outside all day! All in all it was a glorious Sunday. Gotta love 65 degrees and sunny on a mid-October day in the Pacific Northwest! (For all you California people thinking about moving up here, IT RAINED ALL DAY).

And the day isn't over! David is building a fire and we are going to settle in and watch our Seattle Seahawks beat the Saints on Sunday Night Football. Like I said, gotta love Sundays!


The Urban Scrapbooker!

There is a great new LSS in my area, the Urban Scrapbooker. It is an awesome store with great new product and so much potential! The grand opening is October 20th! Come on out and support her. It is such a blessing to have choices and competition in the scrapbooking industry. We are lucky in this area to have 3 great stores.

I am especially excited to say that I am her first local designer! I'm working on some new pages this weekend and can't wait to see them up in the store. I look forward to seeing everyone at the grand opening!

Pumpkin Patch!

It has been a few years since we have gone out to Snohomish to the local Pumpkin Patch. I forgot how fun it is (except for the 5 busloads of preschoolers, that is). They added some great new stuff this year in addition to the pumpkins, the corn maze, the hay rides, putt putt and the hay maze in the barn. They had a hay jumping area, a corn pit, and a dirt hill. They were all hits with my boys.
corn 4-6

But, my favorite this year had to be the puppies. They always have a litter of kittens and puppies for the kids to play with. This year the puppy was a Saint Bernards! OMGosh, he was so cute. Big and cute. He was 9 weeks old and was already at least 2 feet long. Can you imagine???
st bernard

Have a great weekend!
I've been tagged!
by the lovely Sher!.

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1. I have been married for 21 years to a guy I've known since I was 2.

2. I have had 5 natural childbirth experiences---no meds, no stitches.

3. I am adopted and didn't find out til I was 18!

4. I have been a homeschool mom on and off for 11 years.

5. I know the rules of football, soccer and baseball backwards and forwards but have never played.

6. I have never changed a flat tire and never plan to.

7. I used to take suspect statements for the local police department.

I am tagging.... Joy,


Love Fridays!

Hey everyone---blogging is harder that I thought! I forgot all about it and haven't updated since Monday! I wish I could update from school everyday. That would make it so easy, but the school district has a block on accessing blogs. Go figure! They must be protecting our kids or something!

Anyway, I love Friday's. It is the only day of the week where we don't have to rise and shine by 7am, so we can make it to a class at the homeschool resource center. I was able to sleep in til 8! Gotta love that. Actually, it will be a fairly easy day all around today. After Austin's guitar lesson's we are heading to Snohomish to the Farm. A little pumpkin patch with some great activities for kids. A mini field trip! I am determined to make this year fun for the boys and impromto field trips are a fun surprise. Now to coordinate what they are wearing so they look good with fall scrapbook paper!! Admit it--you know what I'm talking about!

Here are a few pictures of the scrapbook weekend----We made a circle journal called the "Malibu Rock Stars". It's an inside joke.
books 5-7
group shot 2 5-7
music 5-7

Here are 3 layouts I completed just for me!
the sweet wscape
moment in time
a new puppy

Have a great Friday! See you tomorrow with pics from the pumpkin farm!


Saved a bundle!

With a large family, I've always needed to clip coupons. Somewhere down the line, though, it became more of a game for me that a necessity. I love the challenge. I love the hunt. I love the look on the checkers face. I love that they have to call the manager because I saved too much. Just love it. It is a total high for me. Tonight I went to Albertsons where they take all competitor's coupons. I spent $96.00------I saved $195!!!!! That's about a 66% savings! Here is a look at my reciept - over 3 feet long.


Gotta love that!


I had a great time! Here are a few layouts I completed for the Scrap-Diner with Scenic Route's Ashville Collection

everyday moment
bubbles and baseball

We had a great time of fun & fellowship. More later!


Checking out for the Weekend!

This will be the last post until I get back from my weekend crop! I am so looking forward to this! After resigning at the LSS, I really miss being surrounded by my fellow scrapbook fanatics and I can't wait to be totally absorbed in the scrabooking world for 2 whole days! Doesn't that sound great?

I have tons to work on including my very first kit from http://store.scrap-diner.com/ . It is full of my favorite product line, Scenic Route! The store is full of all the great new lines and she has great prices and speedy delivery - go there and check it out!

When I get home, I am going to figure out how to link my gallery to my blog (hopefully). That is my next goal in this blogging adventure. Wish me luck!

David & the kids have a big weekend planned - church on Friday night and poker on saturday night. (hmmm-not sure those belong in the same sentence!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here is another pic from the fair!

chase jelly


Can't sweat it!

It was a very long day today...and I didn't feel like I got anything accomplished. The house is still a mess, school is still on the table and I still haven't packed for my retreat. But, I did visit with friends at the LSS, watch my son play baseball, catch up with my design team news, and spend some time with my husband. I suppose productivity is all in how you look at it!

I found myself telling Chase today, that you just can't sweat the small stuff. That in the scheme of things, doing bad on a math assignment just isn't important. So, I am taking my own advice - and not worrying about what I didn't get done today. After all - tomorrow is another day.

Here is a cute pic from our trip to the state fair-enjoy!

luke clown frame 5-7

2 days and counting!

I am so excited to be taking off for the weekend with my scrapping friends! We are heading over to a cabin in Hood Canal (thanks Dick & Julie!) to enjoy 2 1/2 days of scrapbooking bliss! I love to hang out with these girls - they just "Get it". Now to figure out what to work on!


A couple wins tonight!

Jordan's HS soccer team came away with a win tonight, 5-0. It broke a 5 game losing streak-hopefully they are on the right track again! Chase's baseball team was victorious tonight also. All is happy on the home front tonight!

Never really got a chance to tell everyone how excited I am to start my design team work! I really believe I am working with two great up and coming sites, one is a store, http://www.scrap-diner.com/ and one is a kit club, http://www.dixiepieces.com/ . Stop by and check them out. The message boards are busy and fun!

Scrap-Diner has an awesome store and great prices. There is lots of talent in the gallery and on the boards.

Dixie Pieces is a kit club and the first kit will be released November 1st. I have inside knowledge that this is one kit that you won't want to miss!

Here are a couple pics from last weekend's Fall Fisherman's Festival in Ballard, WA. It supports the Fisherman's Memorial for those lost at sea. It is a great event, with lots of fun activities for kids.

kids 5-7

jordan dad 5-7

meaustin 5-7


I'm feeling a little quilty right now because I a thankful that 2 of the boys had baseball games cancelled tonight! Sometimes, it is just too much and we need a night at home. Thanks Lord, for the small break!

Still working on figuring out this whole blog thing. I'm hoping to learn more about how to do the cool things this weekend! For now, I am happy to know how to post and put a pic or two on here.

My cute pic of the day is of Sarah's new puppy! Can't wait to scrap it.

frodo blur 5-7

His name is Frodo and he is so darn tiny and cute!


A few new layouts!

So, I am in a great elimination contest at http://www.badgirlkits.com/ . We are in round 4 and the class instruction was all about white space. So, I ended up doing two layouts and letting David choose the one to use for the contest. Here they are:

cool treats

challenge white space - where's the fire

so which one?

I went with the "where's the fire? I'll let you know on Friday if I'm still in!

Here we go -I 'm a blogger!

Well, I have given in... I am officially a blogger. Everywhere I turned, I was being asked to provide a link to my blog.

So here I go---mostly so I have a place to share my art and my family with those that love us. So that's what you'll find here. Photos & art & links to my favorite places. Come on in - enjoy.

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